We are a full-service taxicab business, specializing in making you feel like royalty. All of our taxi vehicles are caravan-style vans.

All of our vehicles are equipped with Garmin GPS to insure you the shortest routes to your destination. They are also tracked by our computers to allow us to dispatch the closest vehicle for the quickest service. And because we know that more and more people are carrying less and less cash, we use wireless credit card machines to safely and securely process your credit card transactions.

But you don't have to rent a limo to travel in style. Our drivers are first class; dressed professionally in shirts and ties, they open and close the doors for you and load and unload your bags. In inclement weather they even shelter you with an umbrella to and from the vehicle. Whatever you need, we will do our best to accommodate you.



We go the extra mile and don't charge you for it!!


  • Have to go shopping in Charlotte? We'll take you there!
  • Have to go to the Charlotte-Douglas International Airport? We'll take you there!
  • Have to be picked up at the airport? We'll be there for you. Just call us.
  • Need to antique shop? Waxhaw is not a problem for us.
  • Need a ride to the Doctor's office in Fort Mill? We go there!
  • A night out with friends in Uptown Charlotte? Our drivers will get you there and back safely!
  • A night out with your loved one on Valentines Day...Let us be your chauffeur.
  • Sporting events in North or South Carolina...we can do it!
  • Get a bunch of people together for a golf game...we can handle 4 pairs in one van with all your clubs!
  • Did someone say Myrtle Beach?!?! Travel like a rock-star for the weekend with us as your personal transportation.
  • What about a drive through Christmas Town, USA (McAddenville, NC) at Christmas time? Get a group together and with us driving, everyone can enjoy the lights.