(1) For the first 1/20 mile or fraction thereof, $3.00.
(2) For each succeeding 1/20 mile, 13¢. ($2.60 per mile)
(3) For each one minute of waiting time, to include any traffic delay except as imposed by the city traffic control system, 30¢.
(4) For each additional passenger over the first 2, add $1.00 to the total fare



Call us for your reduced flat rate pricing TO the Charlotte-Douglas Airport, Amtrak, Greyhound & Mega Bus stations.

*Reduced flat rates are based upon mileage. Average savings of $10-$20.00 off standard meter rates.

**Same reduced flat rate will apply for a ride FROM those transportation centers. For the most convenient service, reservations in advance of travel, are encouraged especially for rides FROM these locations. Call us today for more information

LIVERY SERVICES (By the hour with a personal driver)

  • Available at $50.00 per hour, 6 passenger Dodge Caravan, 3hr minimum
  • 20% Deposit Down, Add a 20% Gratuity to the total hourly rate
  • Deposit is Non-Refundable if Cancelled within 2 weeks of reservation